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    More and more africans are signing up to social media platforms today than ever before. They see the advantages: staying connected with family, access to information, sports, jobs etc. I can easily communicate with all my family members back home in Africa today with no problem. A few decades back, I remember always going to sit at our neighbours house for hours, waiting for a phone call from my oversees. Sometimes the wait was in vain, as the lines could not go through. Sometimes it did got through but the quality was poor. Then came the mobile and calling was simplified. However, there were connectivity issues due to congestion. Today, the birth of social media has been a game changer. We all use social media for the convenience it offers us.  I have set out to write this post, to try to bring some light into this very broad concept of social media in the hope that it does not limit the opportunites for Africans just to social networking. There is more to it and the fact for now is clear: it has revolutionised our lives.

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    Vehicle Bonnet

    Everyone has dreams. The only difference between those who are successful and those who are not lies in the belief that successful people have in their dreams. They live their dreams every day. They try things out. They fail but they done let failure stand in their way.

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  • The Diaspora and the African Opportunity


    A great deal of african economies have been experiencing rates of economic growth not seen before on the continent and at current rates the highest in the world. The Wall street estimates that African econmies will grow on 4,5% on average in 2015. All these despite some of the natural disasters (including ebola) and the slump in oil prices. As an African in the diaspora, i have been following some of the development closely and pondering over what role the african diaspora is currently playing and how can we impact the continent as it makes strides towards closing the development gap! So i have decided to put my thoughts as well as some few thoughts others have been making here on my blog.